Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Final Words

     As a final post, I decided to use a website called and make an image using the content of all my blogs so far. I think it is interesting to look back and see not only what the class was about but also what interested me personally. I really enjoyed this class and all the personal growth that I gained from it!

Family Abuse

     Family abuse is such an unfortunate problem in our society, and it saddens me that it is something so common that it is taught as yet another subject in a class about relationships. I personally think that is primarily stems from past experience of the parents. If the parents were raised in a loving, abuse-free home there is no reason they should have for abusing their own children. They would not have any experience to compare it to, and they should have successful parenting techniques that their own parents did use on them. Another factor that I think causes family abuse is substance abuse. Substance abuse lowers the abusers inhibitions and ability to think logically about a situation. It can bring out negative emotions and expand them exponentially. The third factor that I think causes family abuse is the need of the abuser to feel as though they have dominance or control. Perhaps they think that the person they are abusing needs someone to be a figure of authority and they do not know how else to provide for that need.